Navigation and Map Reading Courses

Good navigation skills are essential whether you’re a walker, fell runner or mountain biker, and can be an entry requirement for many adventure races. We have the course for you whether you’re a complete beginner to navigation, looking to brush up on your map reading skills or considering venturing into wilder country. We provide both National Navigation Award Scheme courses and our own specialised courses, so whatever your needs, we have the map skills course for you.

Our open courses take place in the Forest of Dean, Monmouthshire and the Brecon Beacons National Park, so are accessible from South West England, the West Midlands and South Wales.

Introduction to Navigation: 2 days (NNAS Bronze Award) - read more


Our introduction to navigation course will give you the skills needed to navigate using straight line features such as tracks, boundary fences and rivers. You will learn the basics of map reading, including  how to understand a range of map symbols, plan and follow routes in the countryside and work out where you are if you do happen to get lost. Over the 2 days you will have the opportunity to earn the National Navigation Award Scheme Bronze Award.

Course dates:
Offa's Dyke Path signpost

28-29 October 2017, Monmouthshire / Black Mountains

Open course prices £120pp, private course price on request




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Next Step Navigation: 2 days (NNAS Silver Award) - read more


This course is aimed at people who have completed our Introduction to Navigation course or who already have a basic understanding of map reading. You will develop more advanced and accurate navigation techniques, taking you further from the beaten track. Successful completion of the course will lead to you earning the National Navigation Award Scheme Silver Award.

Course dates:Navigation course brecon beacons

11-12 November 2017, Black Mountains area of Brecon Beacons National Park

Open course prices £120pp, private course price on request




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The Dark Art of Navigation: 1 evening - read more


Our specialised night navigation course will equip you with the skills to find your way in poor visibility, such as thick cloud and fog. On this course, you will head out in the evening, learning to use high level map and compass skills to find your way, even in the dark! This course would suit people who have completed our Next Step Navigation course, or who have considerable experience of map reading in good conditions.

8 November 2017, Glyntawe area of Brecon Beacons National Park

Open course prices £60pp, private course price on request

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Basic navigation training can also be offered to schools as part of our education package.