Bushcraft is the art of living comfortably in the wilderness. A Borderlands bushcraft session will introduce the priorities for survival (shelter, warmth, water, food) and teach a range of skills from firelighting to foraging for wild food. We believe in conserving and enhancing the fragile resources of our planet and so our bushcraft sessions come with a strong focus on caring for the world around us.

Bushcraft is an enjoyable way for pupils to reconnect with the natural world and also complements classroom based learning; Our bushcraft sessions meet attainment targets in the 2014 National Curriculum at key stage 1-4 in Design Technology and Science to make life easier for hard working teachers.

We’re lucky enough to be based in the ideal location for bushcraft on the South Wales border, but we can bring our sessions to you wherever you are.

Prices for all of our courses can be found on our course costs page, or you can contact us to discuss your Borderlands bushcraft experience.