Survive and Thrive

Learn to live comfortably in the wild with our fun Bushcraft adventures

Survival skills

Learn basic survival skills on one of our hands-on bushcraft courses. We’ll lead you through the priorities of survival and a range of techniques for living comfortably in the wild.

What do we cover

Our experienced instructors will show you how to make or improvise shelter as well as building and lighting fires. On longer sessions you’ll also get the chance to try wood carving, cooking on open fires and water filtration.

Relaxed and friendly

Bushcraft is a fun, relaxed activity. Most people find it a great way to switch off from the pressures of modern life, slowing down for a while. Our friendly instructors will introduce you to primitive survival skills from a time when life moved more slowly and thoughtfully.

Book a session

We run open bushcraft taster days in the Forest of Dean area and near Abergavenny. We’re also happy to travel to you so, whatever your event or group, get in touch to discuss.