Bushcraft Days

Bushcraft Days


Book on to one of our bushcraft experience days for a fun day out in the woods. Experience firelighting by primitive methods, shelter building and a little wild food!


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Learn the art of surviving in the wild with one of our fun, hands on bushcraft courses. You’ll pick up several new skills over the course of a relaxed day in the woods with one of our experienced instructors.

Food from the wild

Have a taste of some wild food as you learn to harvest a few of the tasty treats nature has to offer. We’ll forage for edible plants and cook up some wholesome meals and drinks on the fire.

 Fire the old fashioned way

Learn how to build and light a fire without matches. We’ll take you through a number of methods including flint and steel and the bow drill. It’s not easy, but it’s a great feeling when you manage to get the fire lit with no matches or lighter.

Out of the elements

Make your own natural shelter in the woods. We’ll show you how to make best use of the materials you find, as well as putting up some more modern shelters as well. If you have enough confidence in your shelter we can put it to the ‘rainfall test’, with you inside!

Crafts and carving

Discover the joys of whittling time away as you carve your own utensils. We’ll show you how to safely use carving tools so you leave with a souvenir of your day.

Bushcraft combos

If you have a specific date in mind for your bushcraft adventure, we can put a private course on for you. Why not add another of our activities to complete your day? Archery goes well with bushcraft in our Woodland Adventure days.

Best locations

We’re lucky enough to be based in the Wye Valley, ideal for our bushcraft activities. We run courses in the Forest of Dean and South Wales so it’s easy to get to us from Bristol, Cardiff, Gloucester and Hereford. If you’re looking for something closer to home we may be able to travel to you, so get in touch to discuss.