Bushcraft for your Group

Bushcraft for your Group

Learn to survive and thrive in the wild on a fun, relaxed bushcraft session. Bring your family and friends together to enjoy firelighting, shelter building and more. Scroll down for more information.

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Our private bushcraft courses are the perfect way to spend time with family or friends. Have a relaxing day of fun with the group activity for everyone.

 Foraging and fires

We’ll show you some of the tasty snacks to be found in the woods so you can try a little wild food. Every season is different but there’s always something to find. Cooking on your fire is one of the highlights for most people, so we teach you several methods of making fire without matches. We love to see people succeeding with flint and steel and the bow drill. It’s not easy to do, but it’s a great feeling when it works!

Shelter from the storm

Decent shelter is a priority in bushcraft and survival, so we’ll show you some ways of using the materials you find around you to improvise. Have a go at building your own shelter and, if you’re confident enough, we can give you the rain shower test! We can show you a range of methods of shelter building, including natural materials as well as ‘bashas’ and hammocks. We’ll even show you how to carve your own pegs for staking out the shelter. This can be made into a great competitive group activity.

Mix and match

Why not extend your group activity by combining bushcraft with one of our other sessions? A popular combination is our Woodland Adventure, bringing bushcraft and archery together. If you’d like another activity mix, just let us know so we can build your perfect combination.

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