School Activity Residentials

School Activity Residentials

School residentials tailored to you. Develop your students resilience and confidence with a wide range of activities. See your students grow in independence and initiative. Overnight to week-long options at a wide range of sites.

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If you’re planning a school residential trip, you probably already understand the benefits of residential outdoor activity breaks. We see the benefits of outdoor adventure every day, but the full residential experience adds so much more to a child’s development.

Independent Living Skills

Developing independence is at the core of what we do. From keeping sleeping areas tidy to helping with washing up and making their own packed lunches with support, we expect and encourage young people to play their part in group living.

The abiding memories from school residentials are usually those of communal living, rather than necessarily the activities. That’s why we’re with you all the way to make sure your students gain as much as possible from the whole experience.

Growth through Adventure

The value of any outdoor activity is in the opportunities for personal growth. We firmly believe in using the outdoors as a vehicle for boosting self-esteem, confidence, co-operation and resilience. That’s why we staff our school residentials with experienced outdoor professionals. Reviewing and evaluation are as important as the activity itself, so all of our instructors have expertise in group facilitation.

We facilitate growth through perceived risk in our activities. Students may experience anxiety and unease about participation, although we control and manage the objective risks of the activity.

We utilise both the ‘Challenge by Choice’ ethos and the ‘Comfort, Stretch, Panic’ model of personal development. Our instructors support and encourage students to participate fully in activities but the student always has the final choice.

Organising a School Residential

We support schools to carefully plan every residential break. Everything from venue choice to activities and meals are tailored to you. Because we only do bespoke, we don’t have fixed prices. Get in touch to discuss your school activity residential and get a quote now.

We’re based in the Wye Valley, close to Bristol and Cardiff, so we’re ideally located to organise your school residential in South Wales and South West England.

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